Employers FAQ

What does it cost?

There is no charge to get registered with SOS. When you use one of our skilled craftsmen, you will simply be billed the hourly rate times the number of hours worked, allowing you to pay for productive hours only. Our rates are fully inclusive WCB, and all taxes and burdens.

How dose SOS Labour Leasing  hire its craftsmen?

We have full-time trade recruiters that have no less than 5 years of construction experience who use traditional advertising, networking, and referral programs.
We have developed a rigorous screening process that includes in house testing, at least six trade references and an interview that is designed to weed out the less qualified and allow us to identify and hire the best!

How do you access our craftsmen?

Simply call your SOS Representative or the office with a detailed description of what you are looking for and our Trade Recruiter will select the proper and most qualified candidate for you. You will then be advised of the person’s qualifications and bill rate.

When should you call SOS?

Planning is the key to productivity and getting the right craftsmen. Your SOS Representative will work with you to help plan out your labour needs. A few days’ notices are best to get the right person to your projects, however, if you have a crisis management situation, give us a call and we will do everything possible to make it work for you!

How can we claim to have one of the most qualified Canadian workforces?

Once our craftsmen are hired, we constantly look to you, our partners, to evaluate and rate our employees. We keep only those that make the high standards we set for our craftsmen and are constantly replacing the bottom 10% who simply don’t make the grade. Plus, our employees and the entire staff at SOS Labour Leasing know that we are a labor provider and our work speaks for itself. So our merit-based philosophy entices our employees to do better so they can make more money.

What about a labor satisfaction guarantee?

SOS Labour Leasing guarantees the worker sent to your Jobsite will be of the quality you expect and will have the knowledge you requested. If in the first 2 hours, you do not feel this is the case, simply contact us and you will not be billed for any time for that individual. SOS will replace that worker as soon as possible.